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All my shit.

All characters not created by me and the show/movies/books/comics that they come from are not mine. They belong to their respective owners/creators.

Any clippings from news papers and Magazines as well as stock images found on the internet are within fair use standards of the US Copyright Act, section 107. It is for your enjoyment and I am not making any money off them.

All images with boobs and visible genitals, while not work safe, are following the rules. If you don't like seeing them, turn on the mature filter or stop watching me. Even images of characters in intimate poses are not breaking rules.


I fave without commenting a whole lot, but I'm not a fave whore.

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I ship transformers now lord help me i have fallen from grace.
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United States
Yo! I'm Apricots-from-Nara. I have lots of fandoms. Like, a whole lot. So my gallery is jumble of many things. I'm currently a fan of Homestuck, so if you like that, feel free to watch me because I'm going to draw a lot of it.

I'm pretty silly, if you can't tell by my gallery. Some of my stuff is very serious, other's are utterly moronic. Radom doodles from muro are pretty common right now, as are doodles of characters doing stupid things. Spades Slick on a toilet? Oh yeah, I got that.

I love roleplaying. Just thought I should let you guys know that. So, if you want to be silly, and try to talk to a character, I'll try to respond as them as best I can. Why? Cause it's fun.

Feel free to color my line art. However, you must give me credit and put a link back to the original in the artist comments. Give me a link also. I use image searches often to make sure my rules are followed.

I love it when people draw my characters, so feel free to do it. Be sure to tell me so I can favorite it. If you attempt to claim them as your own I will make sure the image is removed if you refuse to admit it's not yours.

You may not use my art to make bases and you may not trace them. EVER.

I love comments. I don't care if you're just telling me it's cute. I love them. I love knowing that people like my art. Feel free to give me critiques also. I want to get better at art, so any feed back is appreciated, even if you are not good at art yourself. However, comments that simply contain things like "This is crap" and similar stuff is not appreciated. If you say it sucks, tell me why, and how I can make it better, then I'm perfectly accepting of it.

I don't to requests. Any art in my gallery that has been drawn for someone was because something they said inspired me to draw something. I also don't do art trades or commissions. I'm just to lazy to really make something worth while. If you want free art, catch me in the DrawPLZ forum when I make threads.

Pokemon team:

People who have said they love me: 7

My Chat:… (Ask if you can join)

My other sights:

I am Apricots-from-Nara on Tumblr.

I'm Pairing-Nazi on Hentai foundry.

I am 'Seiun Ishi' on Gaia online.

On Neopets I am 'Ashley_Hitori'

On Xbox Live I am 'Lilian Shepard'. Feel free to send me a request if you play Mass Effect.

I do have a Facebook. If you want to know it, ask me in notes.

I do have a Youtube account. If you want to know it, ask me in notes.

Words of wisdom from Golden Girls:

“All creatures must learn to coexist. That is why the brown bear and the field mouse can share their lives in harmony. Of course, they can't mate or the mice would explode.” - Rose Nyland

Uke!Kakuzu is a piece of shit.
Fem!Kakuzu is a piece of Poo
And if you like it
So are you.

With spikes of gold, and corroded brown.
Like arteries ripped from a freshly slain.
These threads of hair so graciously thrown,
oh Himura and Han'Nya oh how it's grown.



Moar! -…


Apparently i am spaming peoples chatrooms. Which is fucking impossible because i have not been in a chat room for about three years. So either they be trolling or my account is hacked into. And seeing as I'm not doing anything weird in my comments or anything like that, i am not in fact hacked.

So i suppose its a very poor trolling attempt. Which makes sense because they deactivate as on as they make a post on my page.

here is a screen cap of the comments The Fresh Hell Is This by Apricots-from-Nara

Anyone else having this issue or what?

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